September 1, 2011

Deal of the Day!!!

As some of you may have read from my post Hotel Griffou, – while having dinner there, I encountered a waitress wearing these really cute high heels.  I couldn't help but to comment on how much I liked them and inquire about their comfort level (I imagined they must be comfortable since she’s on her feet all day!)  To my amazement she told me that she bought the sandals at Kohl's and that they were part of their exclusive SimplyVera Vera Wang line!  She also said that they were so comfortable she got 2 pairs.  Of course the minute I got home I got on the computer and ordered those sandals!  The Simply Vera Peep Toe High Heels were already on sale on the website - about $49 in black and $52 in nude (they normally retail for $69.99) but the savings didn’t stop there!   I just happened to receive a 30% Kohl’s coupon in the mail that same week so when applied at checkout the sandals came out to $35 each for me!  (Note:  Kohl’s will often have 15%, 20% and sometimes 30% off coupons that you can find online and a quick Google search should uncover.  Additionally if you link to the site through, you can get 4% cash back.)

I’m not a girl that normally wears heels beyond 2.5 inches.  I will occasionally try out a 3 inch heel but I only really reserve those for weddings and parties.   The Simply Vera VERA WANG Peep Toe shoes have officially changed my heal wearing ways!  They were so light and had the perfect amount of arch for my feet.  They were SO comfortable I felt that I could wear them all day.  And indeed I’ve worn them to work about 5 times now and they were totally comfortable and fine to walk in on NYC streets.  The only negative is that the middle strap is slightly tight on me.  I guess I have thicker feet, which creates discomfort after wearing the shoes for awhile.  I’m hoping they will eventually stretch out.  None the less, these are still the most comfortable heels I have ever owned – I would even say more comfortable than flats for sure.  Run, don’t walk to get yourself a pair of these amazing shoes (running will be much easier on your feet anyway once you have a pair of these super comfortable heels on them!)

SimplyVera Vera Wang Peep Toe High Heels
Simply Vera Vera Wang Peep-Toe High Heels

Simply Vera Vera Wang Peep-Toe High Heels

I don't have these, (also from SimplyVera Shoe Collection at Kohls), but they look cute, and inexpensive way to wear animal print, which is very in this Fall.

Simply Vera Vera Wang Peep-Toe Platform High Heels

Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform Mary Janes

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