September 16, 2011

Deal of the Day - Leopard Scarfs!!!!

By: Mimi

Today's blog post was intended for my first fashion show experience with Carlos Miele.  It was an amazing experience gifted by my BFF Floria through our friend Diana!  But, I can't find my camera at the moment "as per my usual clumpsy self."  So, instead, I am sharing with you this awesome deal of the day!!

In love with Leopard scarfs, belts and shoes at the moment and these are such great deals and oh looking so good!

Image 1 of ASOS Oversized Leopard ScarfOn Sale at ASOS - $16.47

This scarf was also featured in my favorite blogger's post last week @ Wendy's Lookbook!!!

 H&M Leopard Scarf:  $12.95

Next time you are in H&M, look for their Leopard Scarf, there are few versions.  I purchased the version as pictured above, thanks to my cousin Christina in finding this piece and actually picking it up for me.  It's a loop scarf that can actually be worn few different ways, which I will create a "how-to: in a future post.


  1. this is a awesome deal for this time of year! and it goes with so many outfits!

  2. I bought this scarf and it was my favorite. I was so excited until the laundry lost my scarf. I called every H&M and I could not find it. How devastating? I am willing to buy the scarf from someone at a higher price. I LOVED my scarf. If interested email me at


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