September 20, 2011

Carlos Miele Fashion Show

I was so excited to have the opportunity to attend a fashion show with such a gorgeous collection by Carlos Miele! Big thanks to my bff Floria and our friend Diana!!

It was definitely one of most fashionable events I have ever been to. The minute I stepped foot into Lincoln Center, I was amazed by what people were wearing and wanted to take pictures of their outfits. It's very unlike me, but I was too shy to approach anyone. Next time, I will bring my SLR camera and pretend I'm there for work.

Lincoln Center

The Show

Some hot guy across from me- wasn't too shy to take this pic!

Look at how skinny this girl's legs are! They look like arms.

I really wish I could have taken better pictures, but these are the best I could do. For the full collection, please go here.

After The Show

I met up with Floria for lunch after the show, which was a perfect ending to the event.

- Dress: Anthropologie
- Earrings: Bryant Park Market during Christmas Time (one of my favorites)
- Bracelets: Chan Luu, vintage

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