March 5, 2012

Chunky with mini {skirt}

I just talked about my passion for purple in this very recent post, and I guess my mind just wants me to put on purple again.  I paired this super chunky sweater with pink and purple dots with this mini skirt I wore oh so often this past spring and summer, which I am sure I wil continue to do so in 2012!

Now that I am looking at the pictures, I actually don't like the boots I put on for this outfit, oh well. 

Sweater::  Urban Outfitters
Skirt::  Topshop
Bag::  Union Square Holiday Market - handmade in Brooklyn
Necklaces::  vintage
Bracelets::  vintage & Loehmann's
Boots::  ModCoth here


  1. Ohhhh. Love the clutch. What brand? I am a NYer :) Great post.

  2. nice casual chic outfit! the sweater goes very wel the purple skirt and the accessories complete the look! Look fab lady!


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