August 17, 2011


By: Mimi

I purchased a restaurant voucher for a 5-course tasting menu for 2 from Hotel Griffou for $100 on Gilt City. I thought that was a good deal, and I always love trying chef selections and seasonal menus.

The hubby and I try to go out on a date at least once a month, so when I saw this deal, I thought it was perfect for us.


The entrance to Hotel Griffou is quite interesting, as it is located under a town house. As you walk in, there is a narrow bar that feels like it is from the 20's. The space is very romantic and vintage, and each room has wall paper with different designs and colorful fabrics on the booth chairs--all while maintaining the same vintage feel.

- 5 stars for the Decor


We were offered a complimentary champagne , which was a pleasant surprise. The bread was freshly baked, soft, and warm!

The first course was a melon dish with an oddly spicy kick to it. It looked very pretty, but it tasted like spicy watermelon, so it was just okay.

Speaking of melon, I ordered a melon cocktail, and it was amazing, it's a little pricey at $14. Their drink menu was awesome, in general, and I wanted to try everything!

The second course was the sea bass with berry sauce. The fish and the flavor was just right, and the berries were a perfect compliment .

The third course was seasonal vegetables with some sort of pasta. It was very tasty, and I wanted more. It reminded me of a pasta dish I had at Babbo, except it had loads of vegetables.

The fourth course was a steak dish with mini onions, cherry tomatoes, and mini potatoes. The steak was cooked to perfection. Each bite was so tender, and I loved that it was served on flavorful vegetables, as I love veggies! This was definitely the best dish.

For dessert, I had ice cream on berry pie, and the hubby had chocolate cake and ice cream--very basic dessert items, but delicious non-the-less. I appreciated that they served different desserts to us, so we could try each others, as we were supposed to get the same tasting menu.

4 stars for Food, as everything was good, but it's definitely not the best I have had. However, given the deal we got, I would give this experience 4.5 stars.


The minute we walked into the restaurant, they were expecting us. They put us at a great table, the wait staff brought each course and replenished drinks in perfect time... and they were all good looking, which is always a bonus. The best part : I complimented one waitress's high heel shoes, as I was surprised that she could work in such shoes for long hours. She told me they were from Kohl's Simply Vera-Vera Wang collection, and they were super comfortable. The minute I got home that night, I ordered myself two pairs of those sandals in black and nude! You will see a review of them in the post coming up!

5 stars for service


  1. Love the pictures...good job...I'm hungry now

  2. Yellow and Navy goes very well together, nice outfit! The steak makes me very hungry now yum!


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