September 1, 2011

Day & Nite

By: Mimi

I found this blouse on the clearance rack at Bloomies and was excited to pay 1/4 of the original price. I was shopping because I was killing time between work and dinner with my friends. Naturally, I showed the blouse to my friends at dinner, and it was totally vetoed. My friends told me to return it, as I supposedly didn't need to add a floral grandma shirt to my already overflowing closet. I refused to believe it was that bad, so the minute I got home, I tried different combos with this shirt, and here are two that I liked! I'll try out more combinations in the Fall.

  • Blouse: Joie (on sale for $46 at Bloomingdales)
  • White Shorts: Ali Ro ($40 at Sample Sale)
  • Faux Leather Pants: Trouve ($35 at Nordstrom Anniversary Sale)
  • Cream Crossbody Bag: ($70 at the street of Tokyo in Shibuya)
  • Black Bag: Chanel Medium/Large in gold hardware
  • Tan Sandals: Anthropology (on sale for $79)
  • Black Sandals: Diane von Furstenburg ($129 at TJ Maxx)
  • Necklaces: vintage
  • Sunglasses: Vouge ($50 at Loehmann's)

What do you think??? Return or Keep?


  1. Love your outfits!! I'm in love with your Anthro sandal!!

  2. Keep! Great job paring MiMi. I love your tan sandal!


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