November 9, 2011

{ At The Office } mini series- episode 5

I don't usually wear high heels, but after I found this pair of super comfy sandals, I was on the hunt for more!  Because I finally realized that high heels are not always impossible.  Here I tried to brave a whole day at the office with my new-found heels from Steven Madden. I decided to go with something simple and comfortable and let the shoes be the statement piece of my outfit!  Sure enough, I got a lot of comments on my shoes! These were very comfortable, as I actually survied NYC streets.  However, I did have to watch my balance on uneven pavement.

- Blazer: Aqua Girlfriend Blazaer ($56 at Bloomingdales on sale)
- Top: Ann Taylor $40
- Shoes: Steve Madden Grettta on sale now for $70
- Earrings: R.J. Graziano


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