January 23, 2012

{ Happy Lunar New Year } with Red Skirt

I remember growing up, Lunar New Year's day is my happiest day of the year!  We would eat a big feast on New Year's eve with lots of chinese desserts only for new years.  Then we would light up fire crackers and fire works at mid night, which means I get to stay up later and play with fireworks.  On New Year's day, I get to wear brand new cloth, most importantly lots of red envelops from the family.  Of course it was my happiest day!!

This year is year of dragon, wearing red today would mean so much prosperity and fortune.  Many friends are also "working hard" to conceive a dragon baby for good fortune. 

Happy New Year everyone!!  For this special day, I paired this vintage Missoni vest (I got a "what are you wearing look" from the hubby) with this bright red skirt!! 

Vest::  vintage Missoni on Etsy
Sweater::  Old Navy - $1 from my shop the closet event
Sandals::  Zara
Skirt::  Romwe
Bracelets::  vintage


  1. great finds!! check our my post today, everything is under $50!


  2. Loving the red skirt and the way you paired it with the turquoise top! Also those shoes are amazing. Happy Chinese New Years!

    Alexandra xo


  3. amazing heels! :)

    btw yes that font looked so tiny seen on ipad but on my computer was fine
    but still I changed the font
    will you please check if it looks normal size now? thank you so much!

  4. You look so colourful and positive :) I would love to meet you on the street. Made my day <3

    View From Heels

  5. Happy New Year!! U look so pretty and happy, I love all colors in your outfit!!! Splendid!!


  6. I love this look. The skirt is so chic and the sweater so warm and cozy. Perfect balance.

  7. Great colors!



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